Fireplace and Holiday Punch Bowl

3d Render of a fireplace. 3d Render of a cut crystal punch bowl and cups.

I am so happy to have been able to participate in the 24 days of Christmas event over at DAZ. I made a fireplace and Christmas punch bowl set. These and many other items can be downloaded for free form the 2010 PA Christmas thread at

Merry Christmas

Daz Stuido Lighting Scene

By request, here is the Daz Studio scene that I made to create the Punch Bowl Render for the 2010 24 days of Christmas giveaway. This scene requires both the Holiday Punch Bowl and the Fireplace be installed (The scene uses one texturemp from the fireplace.)

See readme included in the zip folder for mor information

Daz|Studio 3 only

The Fireplace and Punch Bowl props mentioned earlier will work in Poser and DS2 or later but the lighting scene is for DS3 or above. While the concepts in this scene will work in DS2 and Poser the scene will only open in DAZ Studio version or higher


Feel Free to use these files for all renders private or commercial. No credit is needed for any renders. Please do not redistribute the geometry or files containing the geometry.


3d Fireplace, logs and screen models. Fireplace, logs and screen props

3d punch bowl, cup and ladle models. Punch Bowl Props

3d punch bowl lighting scene. Download Daz Studio 3 scene with lights and skydome.

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