Sequin Shaders for Carrara

Updated 03Nov11 to fix some incorrect image file names.

Earlier this year when Fisty from Daz contacted me about testing her Daz Studio sequin shaders I got a little carried away, modified them a bit and adapted some to work in Carrara. Above is a fun little video I made while testing them.

Making sequin and disco ball shaders was on my to do list for a long time. I hope these will serve you well.

For Carrara Pro

These shaders require both Fisty's Sparkle Shaders and Carrara 8 pro or newer.

The reasons both are required are that these shaders are heavily reliant on normal maps (a Carrara Pro only feature) and some textures included with Fisty's shaders.


You may use these shaders for all renders private or commercial. No credit is needed or expected for any renders.


3d sequin Shaders. Carrara 3d sequin Shaders.

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