3d clothing display stand

Daz Studio render of Aiko standing with clothing display racks.

This zip contains 1 clothing store display rack prop for Daz|Studio, Carrara and Poser. I made to fill a request in the Daz3d forums. It's nothing too special but hope it serves you well. The prop contains one morph to extend the height of the rack. The wheels do not turn as that would require adding bones and... well... I just didn't feel like messing with Poser's rigging room today hehe.

PP2 Format for Daz|Studio, Poser and Carrara

This Prop were tested in Poser7 and Daz|Studio 2.2 and Carrara6 but should work in earlier versions as well. If there are any problems with this 3d model please let me know so I can fix it.

The Prop is also included in the zip file in Wavefront object format so it can also be used in any rendering software capable of importing .obj files.


Feel Free to use these files for all renders private or commercial. No credit is needed for any renders. Please do not redistribute the geometry.


3d clothing display prop. 3d Clothing Display Rack - Poser mapped Zip file.

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