Procedural Cloth Shaders

Gothic Victoria with checkered stockings

With Daz Studio Advanced exciting new Shader Mixer feature I just had to test it out. I haven't had the free time to really sit down and learn all the bells and whistles but did manage to create a few shaders which might be fun. At first glance, these shaders appear pretty simple but, through adjustments and user choices, they provide infinite variations.

The plaid shader is completely procedural so its colours and density can be easily modified from the shader tab. The stripe and checker shaders are also procedural but also allow black and white images to be used as masks that appear in the patterns. Again they are simple but surprising results can appear just by applying an image mask or two.

For Daz Studio 3

These will only work in Daz Studio version 3 or higher. Please send me an email if you experience any problems or have suggestions.

Some information about installing and useing these shaders can be found on the shader tutorial page.


You are welcome to use these in any way you like. You can render them (private or commercial), edit them, share them, whatever makes you happy. No credit needed or expected unless you want to redistribute the shaders themselves in which case I would appreciate a link back to this web site


Daz Studio Procedural Shader Download. Daz Studio Procedural Shader Download.

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