Morphing Paddleball 3d Model

Daz|Studio render of 3d bishop wearing a Mitre.

This zip contains a morphing paddle-ball prop for Daz|Studio and Poser. I made this as a fun project after I saw a request for an item like this on the Daz3d forums. I attempted to keep the polygon count fairly low so it may look better using Sub-D settings in Daz|Studio or Smoothing in Poser. I made the morphs quickly so you may notice that the ball distorts while transitioning through the morph. Sorry, not my best work but I wanted to give it at least some ability to animate.

For Daz|Studio or Poser

This Prop was tested in Poser7 and Daz|Studio 2.2 but should work in earlier versions as well. If you have any problems using this 3d model send an email or leave me a message over at the Daz3d forum so I can fix it.


Feel Free to use these files for all renders private or commercial. The texture templates contained in this archive may be modified and redistributed freely or sold. The making and distribution of texture/material packs for this 3d model is encouraged. The .pp2 file containing the geometry may not be re-distributed without permission from William Hurt.


3d Paddleball Model - Daz Studio render. Poser Mapped Zip file.

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