A pair of Pliers for M4

Render of a 3d pair of pliers.

Updated 31DEC09 I'm embarrassed to say I forgot one of the files in the original upload. These should work now. Yea I know... rusty pliers? This isn't anything too special but hopefully you can find some use for them.

I made this as part of a discussion on the Daz forums. I was trying to figure out a way of making a figure act like a smart prop. I tried a number of different test items and this is one of those tests.

The goal is to get a figure, that uses ERC, to automatically load parented to another figure's hand yet still allow access to the ERC dials. These pliers work to a degree but you have to hunt for the ERC in Poser (More about this in the readme.) The concept works perfectly in Daz|Studio but does not in Carrara. If you find a better solution I would love to hear about it. You can add a message in the forum link above or send me an email.

For Daz Studio, Poser and Carrara

This item was tested in Daz|Studio 2 and 3, Carrara7 and Poser7 but it behaves a little differently in each application. Oh, and The material settings I used suck so you will probably want to adjust them.


You may use these however you like... private or commercial. No credit is needed or expected.


3d pliers figure. Pliers model Download.

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