Shinai Prop

Carrara Render of a Shinai on a wood floor.

This zip contains a Japanese Shanai smart prop for Daz|Studio, Carrara and Poser. It is smart proped and posed to fit Michael 3 but can be adjusted for any character. The zip also includes 1024x1024 texture, bump and UV maps.

Made after reading a request for a Shinai or a bokken in the General Freepository on the Daz3d forums. When I read it I thought "That's something I can make in an hour." Turns out that it was a little more complex than I had thought hehe. Overall the Shinai was made pretty quickly but the Naka-yui (Tie in the center of the blade) really gave me some trouble. I re-modeled it 5 or 6 times but the knotwork never looked right so I setteled on a simple shape and just used a texture to simulate (poorly) the cord work.

PP2 Format for Daz|Studio, Poser and Carrara

This prop was tested in Poser7, Daz|Studio 2.2 and Carrara6 but it should work fine in earlier versions. If you experience any problems with this 3d model please let me know so I can fix it.

The Prop is also included in the zip file as a Wavefront object so it can be used in any rendering software capable of importing .obj files.


Feel Free to use these files for all renders private or commercial. No credit is needed for any renders. Please do not redistribute the geometry.


3d shinai model. Shinai Prop - Poser mapped Zip file.

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