Paola Character

3d Render of Victoria 4.

Free high resolution textures, material settings, Shader Mixer preset and a character morph-pose for Daz3d's Victoria 4.

These materials were intended for use in Daz Studio 3. D|S 2 and Poser Mat poses are included for your convenience but they don't look nearly as good as the D|S 3 version. I hope to make a Carrara version in the future.

I started this ages ago as an experimentation/self challenge project. The intent was to create as realistic looking skin as possible using no photos or scans of real skin (other than for study reference) but rather to create them solely from computer generated procedurals in Photoshop, Daz Studio and Carrara. I didn't achieve my goals but I did learn a few methods that work and even more that don't haha.

There are now some superb textures and shaders representing various ethnicities available at Daz3d but, before starting this project, I didn't find many darker skinned 3d characters. I found some photos of South American beauties and attempted to get the same skin tone, sheen and translucence in CG form. I was wholy unsucessful at getting the effect I was after but I will keep trying :)


You are welcome to use these in any renders, private or commercial. No credit needed or expected.

Important note!

This is a alpha release. There is a known bug in the shader when using undo. Please see the readme for more info.


Skin shader and morph pose Download. Download skin textures and character morph.

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