17th. Century Table.

CG 17th century Table

I based the table (loosely) on a 17th century illustration by Christopher Weigel. The drawing shows a man making chainmail while sitting at this table. The illistration was interesting, to me at least, as it shows a number of tools that are very similar to ones I use for making plate armour today.

For Carrara, Daz|Studio and Poser

This was the first free 3d item I made available and is bound to have a few things wrong with it but it seems to load in Daz|Studio Poser7 and Carrara 6 just fine with one exception. In Carrara the texture map doesn't always line up but this can be fixed by taking the table into the modeling room, selecting all and unchecking both "Wrap U values" and "Wrap V values" under the UV Map tab. Though I split the hard edges so that the table would look ok in D|S and early versions of Poser, the shading will look nicer if you set the creasing angle to around 30 degrees.

Licence and Use

Feel Free to use these files for all renders private or commercial. The UV template and textures contained in this archive may be modified and redistributed freely or sold. The Object (.obj) or other files containing the geometry not be distributed, without permission.


17th cent. Table Zip file.

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