Trick or treat candy bucket

3d render of Daz K4 in skeleton costume holdng a jackolantern trick or treat bucket

When doing product shots for Skulduggery I wanted to have a render that showed K4 trick or treating. Halloween was quickly aproching so it was omitted but I figured I would give away one of the props I made for the render.

This package includes 3 candy bucket smart props for V4, M4 and K4 from Daz3d. These should work on other figures with minor adjustment. Texture, bump and UV maps are included.

For Daz Studio, Carrara and Poser

The trick or treat buckets are in Poser Prop Format (.pp2 with accompanying auto loading DS material scripts) so should work fine in D|S, Poser and Carrara.


You are welcome to use these in any renders, private or commercial. No credit needed or expected.


Candy bucket prop download. Candy bucket prop download.

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