Accessories for the Professional Video Camera Model

UPDATED 18 Dec 09

CG video camera accessories.

I'm so excited about having my first published model over at Daz3d. My sincerest thanks to all the kind people who helped me learn 3d modeling and figure creation.

Daz Studio renders of video camera accessories.

Here are several smart-prop and articulated figure accessories for my 3d video camera figure includiong a Tripod, Case, Camera Light and a Tapeless, Hard Drive Video Recorder.

For Daz Studio, Poser and Carrara

These Smart props should work well in Poser 5+, Daz Studio 2+ and Carrara 6.2 or higher. Poser and Daz Studio specific Material settings can be found in the Poses menu. Carrara users will find multi-zone global shaders under ..\Presets\Shaders\AgeOfArmour\VideoCamera.


You are welcome to use these in any renders, private or commercial. No credit needed or expected.


3d Video Camera Accessories Download. Download Video Camera Accessories.

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