Butterfly Figure.

CG butterfly Daz|Studio render.

I made this 3d model fairly quickly after being inspired by a post on the Daz Forums. I started very simple but then had so much fun with it I got carried away and made a full Poser figure hehe. Making the textures was also very enjoyable. I have always done more dark type artwork and it was nice to use some bright colours for a change :)

3d butterfly, Carrara render with post work in Photoshop.

About the 3d figure

Please Bare in mind that this figure is far from finished. When I first released this to help the forum member I wasn't aware that there were any butterfly models readily available. I intended to rig the legs and tune the joint parameters but then realized Daz3d had a much nicer butterfly package ( available here ) so I discontinued work on this one. Though unfinished I hope this model serves you well.

3d butterfly, Carrara render.

For Daz|Studio, Poser 5+ and Carrara

This was tested in Daz|Studio 1.8-2.0, Poser 7 and Carrara 6 but I assume it will work ok in earlier versions. The zip contains a few Poser Mat Poses and Daz|Studio Materials. UV templates are also included and I fully encourage others to make more texture packages.

Licence and Use

Feel Free to use these files for all renders private or commercial. The texture templates contained in this archive may be modified and redistributed freely or sold. The Object (Butterfly.obj) or other files containing the geometry MAY also be modified and re-distributed. You may give away these files (modified or not) but please do not SELL the UNMODIFIED files (I don't think they are commercial quality anyway). If you want to redistribute the unmodified files I would prefer that you just added a link to this page.


3d Butterfly Zip File Download the Butterfly Zip file.

Mike W. made some really nice textures for this butterfly model which you can find in his ShareCG downloads. Thank you Mike!

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