Free 3d Model Downloads

Here are some of the 3d models I have made while learning the art. Most of the actual models are in Wavefront .obj format so just about any modern 3d program should be able to load them. I have placed them into zip files with Poser/Daz|Studio/Carrara formatted runtime directories for ease of use.

Please feel free to use these models and textures for any renders you like, both commercial and personal artwork.



Carrara render showing sequin shaders. Carrara Sequin Shaders
Sequin shaders for Carrara 8 Pro. Requires Fisty's Sparkle Shaders for DS.
Updated 3 Nov 2011

3d render of a 19th century French chaise and shader options Studio Paris Addons
Additional textures and material settings for the Studio Paris chaise.

3d render of a cut crystal punch bowl and cups Punch Bowl, Fireplace and Daz Studio Lighting Scene
A few props and a lighting scene for the Daz PA 24 Days of Christmas event

K4 trick or treating in a skeleton costume Candy bucket
Trick or treat candy basket smart prop
for K4, M4 and V4

Aiko 3 with Cat Ears Neko Ears
Some simple, anime style, morphing cat ears
for Aiko3

Studded leather cgi boots Accessories for Swashbuckler Boots
Fully Studded Leather and Clubwear material presets as well as some ajdustment aniBlocks for
The Swashbuckler Boots

Victoria 4, South American character at the beach. Paola Character
Skin Textures, custom DS3 shader, and character morph-pose
for Victoria 4

3d models of 50 caliber BMG rounds. 50 cal round and casing.
Prop with Daz Studio and Poser materials

Digital Video Recorder. Free accessories for the Video Camera Figure.
Props with D|S, Poser and Carrara materials

Cam-light, case and digital video recorder smart props for the Professional Video Camera.
UPDATE: 18 Dec 09Articulated tripod added to the .zip download.

Repeating pattern cloth shaders. Procedural pattern cloth shaders for Daz Studio 3
DSA format.

They look simple at first but have a lot of customization options.

3d pliers render. 3d rusty Pliers.
Poser .cr2 format.

I have to admit, these aren't too great but thought someone might be able to use them.

Carrara Torch Particle Scene. Carrara Particle Emitter Scenes.
Carrara .cbr format.

4 of the Carrara scene files I used in my recent particle video.

Carrara render of a plane with tiling brass chainmail texture. Chainmail Shaders.
Carrara .cbr format.

5 tiling, texture based shaders for Carrara 5+ and Carrara 3d Express.

Daz Studio render of US Army patrol cap. US Army Patrol Cap.
Poser/Carrara/Daz|Studio .pp2 format.

Standard issue US utility cap (BDU) with "Cat eyes" and Ranger style blocking morph for Daz3d's Michael 4.

Christmas tree render. Christmas tree, Ornaments, Present and Bows.
Poser/Daz|Studio .pp2 format.

Updated 30 Nov 08

16th century crossbow model. 16th century German crossbow.
Poser/Daz|Studio .pp2 format.

More virtual historical meyhem.

Japanese Shinai Model. Shinai practice sword.
Poser/Daz|Studio .pp2 format.

For your virtual fighting ;)

3d clothing display. Clothing display prop.
Poser/Daz|Studio .pp2 format.

A place to hang all those 3d clothes.

3d RSS icon Morphing 3d RSS icons
Poser/Daz|Studio .pp2 format.

For rendering your own custom web graphics.

3d Mitre Model - Daz Studio render. Bishop's Mitre
Poser/Daz|Studio .pp2 format.

Morphing Paddleball Prop Morphing PaddleBall Prop
Poser/Daz|Studio .pp2 format.

3d Steins and Tankards. Steins and Tankards
Poser/Daz|Studio .pp2 and .cr2 format.

Don't drink and render!

3d hat smart prop. Shako Hat
Poser/Daz|Studio .pp2 format.

Smart prop for Aiko, Victoria4 and Hiro.

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