15th. Century Gothic Mace.

CG Gothic flanged Mace

This 3d model was based on a mace which is believed to be German from around 1490. The original artifact was/is kept in H.M. Tower of London but may have been recently moved to the Museum at Leeds. My research material on this particular piece is a bit outdated and lacked information on its exact dimensions so I guessed and made it to a scale fitting the Micheal3 Model from Daz.

For Daz|Studio, Carrara6 and Poser7

Version 0.2

All the .mc6 files from the first version have now been converted to Mat poses. I also added a simple texture map, bump map and Mat Pose to simulate etching. Thanks to the Daz3d forum members for teaching me how to create Mat Poses. One small drawback (in Poser) is that there must be a "Figure" somewhere in the scene in order for the Mat Poses to be applied.

This was made for Poser 7 and Carrara 6 but I assume it would work ok in earlier versions. Originally this model didn't too hot in Daz|Studio because of the lack of a smoothing angle support to make the edges sharp. Now, since version 2.2, D|S has adjustment sliders for creasing angle! WOOT! This model looks much nicer in Daz studio now.


Feel Free to use these files for all renders private or commercial. The textures and shaders contained in this archive may be modified and redistributed freely or sold. The Object (Mace.obj) or other files containing the geometry not be distributed without prior permission.


Gothic Mace Zip File Poser mapped Zip file.

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