13th cent. Trebuchet for Carrara

CG Trebuchets and castle

The Trouble with Trebuchets video

"My woes trying to launch virtual rocks."

I just became aware that there appears to be a bug in the DivX Web Player with certain browser configurations so I have moved the video to the CG movies page and also made a flash version available.


Based on illustrations of late 13th century trebuchets, this 3d model should be close to historical scale though maybe a bit on the small side. It is physics based so Carrara 6 users should be sure to hit the calculate physics button. Users of earlier versions of Carrara will need to add a downward force for gravity. I made a sling for the trebuchet but I can't figure out how to get it to work with physics or animate in a believable way. I welcome any advice you may have. I am pretty new to the whole 3d world and I welcome comments and suggestions so I can learn and improve.

Daz|Studio-Poser Version in progress.

Actually, the reason this is version 1.2 rather than 0.2 is that I did originally make this a rigged D|S/Poser cr2. It animated fairly well but I made so many little improvements on the Carrara version I decided I should remake the "Poserized" version. It is progressing slowly but surely.

Licence and Use

I really had fun making this model and I hope you enjoy using it. Please feel welcome to use the model and textures in any renders, private or commercial. The only condition I ask is that if you use the model in a commercial film or television show please include a credit to either "William Hurt" or "www.ageofarmour.com". You may modify and redistribute the texture maps and templates, either for free or for a charge. I encourage anyone to make improvements, add ons, etc. but please don't redistribute the original geometry or files containing the geometry. If anyone wants the original model you can always link to this site. You are in no way required to show me your renders or animations using the trebuchet but I would LOVE to see them :)


Trebuchet Carrara File Carrara 6 file.

Texture Maps Texture Maps

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