Age of Armour 3d

A pirate treasure chest draped in the Jolly Roger flag.

Pirate Treasure Chest, Coins and Flag

New Pirate Treasure chest and Morphing Jolly Roger available at Daz 3d.

Why 3d?

3d has revitalized my, once fading creativity. CGI allows me to fulfill my lifelong interests in sculpting, painting and cinematography.

I originally came across Daz3D while searching for software to help me make some of the graphics on the armour site. Though skeptical of free software I eventually downloaded Daz|Studio and absolutely loved it. It was one of those rare instances where the software was better than advertised and the people in the forums are so nice it is unbelievable.

My deepest thanks to those of you who have so kindly helped me along the way. It means more to me than you know,


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