CG Movies and Video Tutorials.

Section 18 Trailer

This was a fun little fake movie project based on the theme of the Section 18 enviroment for DAZ Studio and Poser.

Carrara Multi-Channel Mixer tutorial

This is a short video explaining the concept and some of the uses of Carrara's Multi-Channel Mixer shaders.

Carrara 7 Physics

There was some discussion a while back in the Daz Carrara forums about physics and car crash animations. This sounded like so much fun I simply had to give it a try. This video was done before the new physics engine in to Carrara 8 so the animation is far from realistic but it was fun!

The video below is a overview tutorial showing how this animations was done using Carrara 7.

Wings 3d overview

I find the hardest part of new software is learning the first, very basic concepts of the UI. I put this tutorial together in the hopes of helping first time users better learn their way around Wings3d.

UV Mapping Video Tutorial

I am not even going to try to claim expert UV mapper status. However, I thought I would help those intimidated by or just getting started in UV mapping. I used Wings 3d, a free and open source modeling program, to put together a step by step video tutorial of some of the things I do when UV mapping.

Carrara Particle Effects

The forums over at Daz have been coming up with some fun challenges and discussions. This last one was about particles in Carrara. I put together a few scenes and let them render while I was in working in the armoury. I can't believe how much fun these are.

I have started stripping out any copyright content from the 3d scene files I made for this video and am uploading them to the site. If you are a Carrara owner and want to see how these animations were done or just want to use the particle emitters you can download the Carrara files here.

Nice Dice

The motivation for this video was a mini challenge in the Daz - Carrara forums. It started as a pretty simple question about modeling beveled edges and pips on dice. Then everyone kept building onto the idea with things like pink fuzzy dice and eventually evolving into animation and physics. I just had to jump in and do some animation too! Here is what I came up with.

Skin Textures WIP

Just some work in progress shots of skin textures I am working on. I decided to make these textures is a learning experience. The goal is to get as realistic looking skin as possible using only digitally produced textures, meaning no photos or scans except as references. I also am trying to do this using free shaders in Daz Studio.

Right now I am using Pendragon's ahSkin shader but am having a hard time getting the expected results from the sub surface scattering channels. I think I will have to post a thread over in the Daz Forums and see if Pendragon has some advice for me.

Alternatively, I have been reading up on Renderman shading language and experimenting with the new shader builder in Daz Studio Advanced beta. Hopefully I can come up with a shader that has can handle texture maps in the subsurface channel and also either tuneable noise or maps in the specularity channels. I am totally new to shader writing so it might be a disaster LOL!

After the D|S version is done I expect to set up a Carrara version of the shaders and maaaaybe a Poser version as well.

Making a 3d Christmas Tree

Part 1 - Modeling

Modeling a simple, low poly Christmas tree in Wings3d.

Part 2 - Texturing

Making quick Texture, Transparency and Displacement maps for the Christmas tree model in Photoshop.

Part 3 - Rendering

Spinning up some material settings in Daz|Studio and rendering out the finished CG Christmas tree.

Making Anaglyph 3d Images

Tutorial on making 3d images with free software and free 3d models from Daz 3d and

Below are some samples of 3d anaglyphs I made including the one from the tutorial. Note: The helmet was rendered in Carrara which is not free.

Anaglyph Tutorial Image. Victoria4 3d image. Aiko 3 with swords Anaglyph. Computer Generated Italian Barbuta.

The Trouble with Trebuchets video

"My woes trying to launch virtual rocks."

I put this movie together to document my failures and have a smile.I was having so many problems trying to get the physics on the trebuchet sling correct I just had to laugh.

Works In Progress Movie

This is a short video I put together from various clips of projects I am working on. As this is just a hobby of mine non of these are for any particular purpose other than creative fulfillment. Most of them were just fun little challenges I came up with to help me learn to use the software. For example, I came up with the flashlight clip to help me learn lighting effects and physics. Making the robot clip taught me a little about animated shaders, glow and indirect illumination through transparencies.

It is nothing too special but I hope you like it. I messed up and forgot to attribute a few people on the credits. It took 20 hours to render the credit sequence so I may be a little while before I get a chance to re-render it. Until then... Thanks to Stimuli for the bouncy woman motion file and PhilC Designs for the trench coat model.

Like the Music?

The music of The Trouble with Trebuchets is complements of Kevin MacLeod who is most generous to offer oodles of royalty free music to the public.

Music of the second video is by the talented Waterflame and is licenced under Creative Commons Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Licence info here.

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