Satisfaction Guarantee

On every order I try to exceed the expectations of my customers. When receiving your order please examine it for quality and fit. If, for any reason, you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, please contact me within 7 days of receipt to arrange for a return/refund. I will refund the full purchase price of returned items minus shipping costs.

Some highly customized or "fantasy" items may not qualify for this guarantee. The reason being that some orders may have been made to such specific tastes that I feel it would not be sellable to any other individuals. These cases are rare and will be stated before any payment. All "in stock" items qualify for the above guarantee.


In all martial sports, whether it be boxing, Kung Fu, jousting or other, there are certain inherent risks. These martial sports are all derivatives of lethal techniques originally intended for warfare or the practice and preparation for war. I guarantee that if one participates in a martial sport long enough they will eventually be injured. These injuries can extend from minor scratches to death and could include anything in between. There is no fool proof method of preventing an injury other than not to participate in the sport. No padding or armour can be designed to both function properly for the sport and fully prevent injury. I make armour for "costume," "recreation" and "art" purposes. Should you decide to use the armour to engage in any form of "fighting" then you chose to do so at your own risk. I am in no way responsible for the use or misuse of the art I create.

I do however, believe strongly in liberty and the pursuit of happiness. I do not discourage anyone from following his heart even if it should lead him onto the practice of martial arts. Just please think it through and weigh the risks you are willing to take in your pursuit :)