17th century style Gorget.

Made from 18g mild steel, brass rivets and leather internals.
Best fit for a 16" or smaller neck.
$595 USD

Though the design of this gorget was most heavily influenced by a German original from 1660 many similar types were seen throughout Western Europe from the late 16th century to the early 18th century. It can be worn under a breastplate or alone over a doublet as a symbol of status.

17th century Gorget

This gorget is very similar to the stainless steel one seen here. Normally, items made in stainless steel Are substantially more expensive than their mild steel counterparts due to the increased difficulty in working stainless. The reasons for the higher price of this mild steel gorget are the added roping and the internal leather strips which allow for a cloth lining. A bit more attention to detail and work was applied to this piece of armour for finer alignment of the pieces and some subtle decoration.

17th century style gorget

The leather strips riveted inside along the rim of the collar and bottom edge of the base allow a lining and/or picadil trim to be added. These can be made and sewn in for an additional charge. The roping is of a chiseled pattern common of the 17th century . It is much quicker and less detailed than the roping seen here on a Maximilian style gorget. The formed and filed roping on the earlier style gorget is very time consuming work and accounts for a good portion of the final cost of that item.

$595 +s/h
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