Spaudlers, in the style of 1400.

16g mild steel with brass rivets.
These come strapped with massproduction brass plated buckles.

These shoulder defenses were loosely based on a pair found on an Italian harness in the collection at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. There is a bit of controversy over the authentisity of the originals on display in the museum. It is believed that the spaudlers were possibly other bits of armour that were modified to work as shoulders sometime in the early 20th century. Despite the questionable history of the original pieces I still feel they reflect a shape that would fit in with late 14th / early 15th century armour.

Spaudlers. Italian, c1400

The row of rivets at the bottom of each spaudler secure a strip of leather to allow a patch of chainmail fringe (not included) to be stitched to them. This appears to have been fashionable to have small fringes of chainmail hung from certain plates until the mid 15th century. The holes at the top of each spaudler allow them to be laced onto a gambeson or arming doublet.

Spaudlers shown displayed with armour

For many years I called this type of shoulder armour "spaulders" but I was recently informed, on good authority, that they are in fact spaudlers. I learn something new every day :). It seems that calling them spaudlers is a common mistake. I have one customer that jokingly calls them "shoulder greaves" haha. What ever term you prefer to use is fine by me... I'll know what you mean :)

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