Sugarloaf Helmet

Fighter Grade
14g Mild steel with a brushed finish.
Size Medium - 25 inch or smaller brow measurement.

Sugarloaf helmet
Sugarloaf helmet Sugarloaf helmet

I am unaware of any surviving examples of this style of helmet so the design was extrapolated from various Medieval paintings, illuminated manuscripts and sculptures. This Sugarloaf helm should fit in well with your 13th and 14th century armour.

The helmet currently in stock (pictured) would normally sell for a bit more but I oopsed. Because I am knocking off approximately 20%, about $100, from what I would normally charge for a similar helmet. What's wrong with it? Well... I accidentally welded the comb of the helmet using stainless steel wire Doh! I didn't notice my mistake until the helmet was close to being completed. I have no concerns about the strength of the weld. I did this once before, years ago, on my personal joust helm and it has held up supurbly.

The slight colour difference of the weld is hardly noticeable (click the second image and look closely at the center ridge across the skull). The weld will become more decernable if the helm is not kept oiled or polished as the helm may rust but the weld will not. Because many of my customers paint their helms or wear a mantel and crest this weld should be a non-issue for them.

$399 USD
$21 s/h