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Handmade suits of armour - Age of Armour
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Tennessee Renaissance Festival
The Tennessee Renaissance Festival has been hugely supportive of my art. When you go be sure to tour the Armoury. They have a pretty impressive collection of armour including a number of pieces from yours truly :) Check out the great castle they have!

Samiah Clothing
Samiah, friend and skilled tailor. She makes wonderfull, historically inspired fashions for women and men.
The armour archive is a great resource for those interested learning about and discussing arms and armour. They also have forums on historical clothing, swordmanship and general history. If you have ever wanted to make your own suit of armour this is a must starting point.
Arador armour library is a wealth of information including armor galleries and tutorials. Their forums have moved to the Living History Library.

Fashion Through Time - has a nice little writup on fashion over the ages along with links to essays covering various eras.

Brian Hinton Photography
Not really armour related but Brian is a good personal friend of mine and has been quite a creative inspiration to me. Brian is truly a renaissance man as his talents cover all arts from photography to sculpture to knife making.

Renaissance Festival
Renaissance Faire discussions including costume design and research.
Sir Clisto Seversword's Tome of Adventure and Knowledge. Sir Clisto has compiled a HUGE list of medieval and renaissance links.
Therion arms has a pretty extensive list of links to armour related web sites, photos of original armour and even sells some armour. It's a fun site to read... like his ordering disclaimer "All shipments from TherionArms may contain trace amounts of cat fur. Sorry, can't help it."

Age of Armour 3d Models and Art
This is a section of this website that I decided to set up for my hobby of making 3d models and Computer Generated Artwork. I really love the creativity and freedom of sculpting and animating in 3d. I have a few free Daz|Studio and Carrara 3d models for those who are also interested in computer generated art.

While not armour related, I have to recommend Daz3d as one of the coolest companies I have done business with. I discovered them sorta by accident and am so happy I did. They have some awesome software and 3d models. There software has inspired an incredible amount of creativity in me. And yes, much of it is free! So much in fact that I am beginning to wonder if they are allergic to money at Daz.

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