I really struggled with finding the right explanation of this site's privacy policy. So many are written in a way to confuse the visitor more than address their concerns. After a number of drafts I finally decided to write a privacy policy in plain... errr... poor English.

Privacy Policy.

Ok... Here is the privacy policy in layman's terms,

Personal Information.

This is a one shop so no employees are snooping at your information. I don't collect personal information of anyone that visits the site except those that place orders. The information on those placing orders is only used to facilitate said orders. The types of information collected are things like delivery addresses and email address or phone number so I can make sure the stuff you buy actually gets to you. I do not collect credit card numbers or any other financial information. All that stuff is handled by PayPal.

Now a few things you share with me during a purchase is passed onto other companies to facilitate the delivery of purchased items. I kinda have to give your name and address to UPS or the US Postal Service so they know where to find you to deliver the armour you bought :) If you don't want want me to send that information to one of those just say "Hey, I don't want the post office to know where I live. Please send my armour to me via UPS." Now if you don't want anyone to know who you are feel free to make up a fake name and stop by the shop with cash to buy your armour. I will still have to report the purchase to the State Board of Equalization so they get their tax money but they don't want names... they just want their money.

I do collect the physical chararistics of my customers in order to make sure that your armour fits you. I also take mental note of the average sizes of my customers and what kind of armour they like so that I can have a better idea of what kind of stock items might sell the best.

The information you send to me is not kept on a public network. It spends a little time on the server then is deleted after it is transfered to one of my computers. Said computer is rarely connected to a network and it has more than reasonable amount of security implemented in order to keep others out of it. My tech friends say I am paranoid.

I don't pass your email address to anyone else. I hate spam a lot too.

Non Personal Information.

This site does collect non personal information like page hits, average visit duration and type of browsers most visitors use. I use this information to see how cool my site is. More importantly I use it to see which part of my site is the coolest so I get an idea of what kind of armour you all think is the coolest. Being cool by making cool armour makes me feel.... cool :)

The webhost has this nifty feature that tells me how many 404 errors there were. It also tells me what pages a visitor was trying to get (on this site) but was unable to. It also tells me what page linked to the non-existent file. This is nifty because it tells me where I made mistakes in my code, like when I try to link to a picture called "helmet.jpg" but accidentally type "HeadProtectionThing.jbg" which I do surprisingly regularly. With this knowledge I can fix the problem and you will get less "file not found" errors in the future :)

The host also logs IP addresses. I don't know an easy way to explain what these are but you can google "IP address" to find out more. I never read these logs except when someone trys to hack the site. Please don't hack my site... I'm just an artist struggling to survive. I'm not a big fan of Microsoft either but please don't use my site to do naughty things. Plus, like I said... I don't collect any financial information so there isn't really anything of value to hack.

Third Party Sharing and cookie usage.

I  do not employ cookies. A cookie is a small text file that some Web servers place on a user’s computer hard drive to be a unique identifier. Cookies can be used to track usage patterns and deliver customized content to users. At the time of this writing I see no practical use in employing cookies at ageofarmour.com.

PayPal may pass cookies through my site in order to understand what it is you wanted to buy from me. This is important because we all want to make sure you get what you ordered.

I have signed up with a few affiliate advertisers like Amazon.com and Daz3d.com. These companies have a few adds on my site. I signed up with them because personally I use their services and I think that they are great. Especially Daz3d.com, I can't even begin to express how great I think their services are! They do employ cookies. These cookies keep track of the fact that you came to their site by clicking a link on mine. They say "Hey, that cool armour guy sent us a potential customer!"  Sometimes they even send me a few pennys because I am so cool. Now please understand... I don't send them any personal info about you and they don't send me any either. If you buy lots of stuff from them they send me a few more pennys but I have no idea who you are.

You should read my affiliate advertisers privacy policies as they are different and are much better written than mine.

If you don't want these other sites to know how cool I am, and send me pennys, please feel free to turn off your browsers cookies. Everything on my site should work just fine without them with one exception... because of how PayPal works you won't be able to buy any of my stuff without cookies enabled.

If you have any questions about your privacy on this site please feel free to contact me.

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