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This website is broken down into four basic sections. Armour for sale and Picture Galleries of armour I have made, Armour Making Tutorials, my 3d modeling and animation hobby and customer support. Not every page is listed but this covers most.

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Armour for sale and Galleries

In stock armour for sale

Embossed Gorget Gorget Fantasy Masks Mid 14th Century Poleyns 14th century fighter grade arms 15th century Gothic arms Segmented Breastplate 13th century Great Helm c1400 style Spaudlers 14th century etched armour Italian Cabasset and Gorget Maximilian Style Gorget Italian Export Legs 15th cent. Italian armet Pigface Bascinet Milanese Legs German Gothic Sallet and Bevor Bellows Visor Sallet Blackened Great Helm Renaissance Gorget German Sallet close helmet Milanese Pauldrons 3/4 wrap Greaves Late 14th century style legs 1390s Italian arms 14th cent. Splinted Armour

Gallery of previous Commissions

Arch duke Sigismund style armour Gothic Armour 14th century Transitional Armour Milanese Armour Blackened Gothic Armour 16th century armour German Tournament harness Joust Armour Black and White Three Quarter suit Lancelot Armour Turkish Helmet Black Prince Helmet Close-helm Combed Morion Articulated Gorgets Gothic Horse Barding Embossed Chanfron Funny and Fantasy Swords and Daggers Scary Things - Claws

Movie, TV and Magazine Credits

Armour making tutorials and Reference

Armour Making Tutorial Index

Tutorial - Forming a Gauntlet Essay - Basics of a Gothic Font Tutorial - Forming a Sallet Visor Armour books Armour and Jousting Videos Tutorial - Edge Rolling Tutorial - Forming a Gothic Knee

3d Modeling and Animation

Age of Armour - 3d

3d Image Gallery Free 3d Models for Poser, Daz|Studio and Carrara

3d Trebuchet Model for Carrara6 3d Gothic Mace Model for Poser and Daz|Studio 3d Butterfly Model for Poser and Daz|Studio

Computer generated Movies, Animation and Tutorials - Flash Format

Computer generated Movies - DivX Format

Customer suport and Administration

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Guarantee, Return Policy and Disclaimer Grades of Armour Measurement Guide

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