16th cent. Black and White Burgonet with Modern Buff

German c1575
Painted steel.

Original 16th century German burgonet

The burgonet above is part my primary project for the fall of 2008 to spring of 2009. The order was to perform restoration/preservation on a late 16th century black and white original armour. The helm, a centuries old original, was missing a buff (the assembly that covers the face) so I made a replacement.

Original 16th century German burgonet

The challenge of matching the finish and antiquing of the 400+ year old existing pieces made this a very fun and rewarding job. The buff, washers and buckles pictured above are all modern and have been artificially aged.

Black and White Armour

German c1575
Painted mild steel.
NOTE: All armour pictured below is modern.

German Black and White Harness

This "Black and White" 3/4 armour was based on an officer's harness currently in the Landeszeughaus Graz in Austria. The armour was delivered immediately upon completion for use in the movie Haunted Mansion so I didn't have time to get good photos of the finished product. The image above is an early photo before the helm, shoulders and proper gauntlets were made.

16th century Landskenecht armour

Here the harness is seen after being antiqued for the movie. Photo and cloth costuming by Golbal Effects Inc. Holloywood Califorinia.


Although made under heavy time constraints to get the armour delivered on time for the production, I truly enjoyed making the burgonet and gauntlets. I was happy how they turned out and I keep telling myself that I am going to make more like them someday.

German black and white burgonet German Elbow Gauntlets

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