Helm of Edward, The Black Prince.

English, third quarter of the 14th century.
14g Mild Steel.
The mantle and wreath are silk.

Custom great helm with mantle and wreath

This helmet was inspired by the helm of the Black Prince but has had some changes to personalize it to the customer.

Custom blackened helmet with crest

The original helmet is part of the funerary achievements of Edward, Prince of Wales, at Canterbury Cathedral. The term "Black Prince" is thought to have come from the colour of his campaign armour. This type of helm, called a Great Helm, was generally worn over chainmail and a smaller, skull cap helm.

Inside the Black Prince helmet showing the padded lining

Because the customer was not going to be wearing this helmet with a skull cap a padded lining was added. The lining mantle and wreath are secured to the helmet by 11 pairs of laces.

A simpler version of this helmet, like the one below, sells for around $350 without a crest or liner. The piercing pattern seen here in the visor is more like that of the 14th century original.

Great Helm without blakening

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