Forming the Visor of a Sallet

Here is a series of sketches I made in order to help address a question brought up on the Armour Archive about metal forming techniques. Here is the the associated thread.

Note: This technique will only work when the ocular is cut or filed out after final forming.

Sallet forming tutorial

  1. Showing the desired look of the finished helmet.
  2. Illustrates the visor already dished to form the skull of the helm.
  3. Recess the area where the ocular will be using a raising hammer over a large ball stake
  4. The lip below the ocular is defined by striking the ocular area while the ridge rests on a heavily rebated chisel stake.
  5. The transition area between the ocular and the lower ridge are further defined by lightly striking the visor with a rebated masonry hammer over a flat topped stake or one with a slight perpendicular contour.
  6. The area of the ocular is planished over a large ball stake using a raising hammer.
  7. The top of the ridge can be further defined, evened and planished by striking it from the inside with a square, flat faced hammer while the ridge of the visor rests on the top of a polished anvil.
  8. The lower visor is shrunk using a raising hammer over a saddle stake.

The piece is checked to ensure it fits correctly with the skull of the helm then further planished, polished, rolled and then the eye slot is cut or filed out.

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