Funny and Fantasy Armour

Whats in your breastplate?

Roman "breast" plate

Director Tex Wall parades an aluminium "breast" plate made for his parody movie "Omelet." The idea behind this was for the armour to look like a standard Roman breastplate from the front but for the breasts to be very obvious when the soldier turned to the side. I think I should have probably formed them out a bit more.

metal Mardi gras mask
Some fantasy items that I enjoy making and seem fairly popular are my metal masks.

Metal Corset in Progress Spanish Breastplate

A fantasy corset in progress(left). There is still much work to be done on this piece. One of these days I will finish it. The breastplate on the right is not exactly fantasy but not a replica of an original piece either. I made this as a "Captain of The Guard" armour for a member of the Royal Spanish Court guild at California renaissance fairs. I extrapolated form a number of different period parade armours but also took a good amount of artistic licence.

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