1390s Italian Armour

Steel, brass and Velvet
Similar suit currently being made.
Transitional Suit of Armour

This suit is based on several Italian harnesses of the late 14th century. "Transitional" is the term generally used to describe armours of this time period. During the 14th century armour styles were transitioning from primarily chainmail to full plate.

14th century arms with etched trim Close up of brass trim etching
14th cent. Transitional cuisses and poleyns with decorative etching.

Short inspirational texts from the Bible were etched into the decorative brass trim on these similar 14th century armour orders.

Pigface Bascinet Pigface Bascinet

The "pigfaced" bascinet was a very popular type of helm in the late 14th century. This style of helmet may look a bit strange with its pointed visor and skull but it was quite a defensive improvement over the barrel shaped helmets of years prior. The pegs and loops seen around the bottom edges of these helmets are called "vervelles." These allow a leather strip to be attached to which a chainmail aventail can be sewn, better protecting the neck but allowing for easy movement.

Antiqued Pigface Helm
The helmet above I antiqued over a period of a few weeks using a little science and nature.

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