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Heroes and Villains Joust

Taped in 1998 at the Bristol Renaissance Faire in Kenosha Wisconsin. About 20 minutes have been trimmed out for time constraints.

I have been reminiscing about the great time we all had that year and decided to put together this video. The show was mostly ad lib working from a general outline. This allowed for a lot of audience interaction and spontenaity which made the show a blast. I play Don Diego de Leon a self centered, cheating goof of a bad guy and am partnered with Lloyd Clark against the "Goody Goodies". Pardon our cheesyness ;)

Though some of the armour is period for the 16th century, the show was not to be taken seriously as any type of historical reinactment but rather as just entertainment. My suit was equiped with 16th century joust exchange pieces but the other three Knights wore field armour and used shields. We were all friends and tried to avoid hurting eachother but, at the same time, were trying to give some real hits with solid lances.

While they don't get as much of the spotlight as the Knights, the Squires really are the backbone of the show. They did a great job at keeping the show running and making sure the horses and riders stayed safe. We were fortunate to have had the best squires ever!

Over the decade I forgot the last names of some of our crew but still tried to credit them at the end. If one of you see this email me. I miss you all and would love to hear from you.

Credit Music by Kevin MacLeod

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