Swords and Daggers

Although most of my business is armour I also occasionally make swords, knives, axes, maces and flails. I have made both spring steel functional weapons and aircraft aluminium props. Note: The stiletto in the last image was made by Bill Stroman.

Two Daggers with exotic wood handles Parrying Dagger
Daggers and rapiers and a wakizashi

While I am sure my sword work is no where near as good as the Japanese and European masters of antiquity but I do enjoy making blades. I have a weakness for exotic woods and rarely have the extra funds to buy the raw materials which is part of the reason I don't make many daggers hehe. The wakizashi in the photo above was probably my most fun sword project. It isn't anything special but I did have a good time making it. Three of the rapiers pictured above were made very quickly by my friend Brian Hinton and myself for a stage production of Hamlet.

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