Armour Making Tutorials and Essays

Here are a few tutorials and how to guides about hand making historically inspired armour. I hope to be adding more soon. If you have a suggestion for a tutorial please feel free to let me know. They take a bit of time to produce so I probably won't be able to get to all of them but I really do enjoy helping. It is nice to see all the enthusiasts helping to keep the, once nearly lost, art of armour making alive.

Antique gorget
16th century gorget images.

Large and detailed images of an original 16th century gorget. Includes photos from the inside showing how the gorget articulates.

How to roll edges on armour
How to - Rolled edges of armour.

A detailed how to on rolling the edges. This tutorial focuses on outward rolls which were more common on armour made in the 15th century and before. The last page also has a little metal forming theory that may be useful in other aspects armouring or smithing in general.

Forming a gauntlet cuff
The stages of forming the cuff of a gauntlet

An image series documenting the progression while making a Milanese gauntlet. This illustrates hot shrinking which is akin to raising.

Gothic Knee Forming Tutorial
How to Form a 15th century style Gothic Knee

This is a fairly detailed tutorial about the forming technique known as Raising. The work is all done cold with fairly simple tools so don't think you need an expensive machine shop to make armour.

Basic Gothic Font design
Basic 14th - 15th century Gothic font design.

Well, I am far from a caligraphy expert but someone asked the methods I used to design the inscriptions on some of my fourteenth century armour.

Forming a Sallet Visor
Techniques for forming a Sallet Visor.

A simple how to illustration showing the stages of shaping the visor of a Gothic helmet.

Arms and armour book
Reference books.

I compiled a list at of arms and armor reference books from my personal collection.

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