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Sorry the armour in stock is fairly slim at the moment. Things have been selling faster than I can make them.

Though I am no longer taking custom orders, I hope to occasionally make a few items for stock. The items below are currently in stock or are nearing completion. Please contact me if you have any questions.

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In Stock Armour

Metal Masks
Fantasy Metal Masks.

These are what I create when I need a break from historical items. These unique masks are quite popular for Mardi Gras, Carnival and Halloween.
Stock is a little limited right now but I have been very inspired to make more and expect to do so soon.
Masks from $132

Currently sold out of Silver masks but making more.

Arms and armour book
Arms and Armour Books

Books on the subject of medieval and renaissance arms and armour seem to be difficult to come by so I compiled this list of reference material from my personal library. Some of the books are available used for just a few pennys from

Previous Armour Sales

In order to help customers better glean aproximate prices of armour I have listed some recent sales below.

Gothic Armour Of Archduke Sigismund
Late 15th century German Gothic suit of armour.

Based on the armour of Arch Duke Sigismund of Tyrol.
Made from 20-14g mild steel and brass.
Used in the movie Haunted Mansion.
Now being used by the Royal Armouries at Leeds, England for Educational Programs.
$12,500 + s/h

Gothic Armour
Composite German and Austrian suit.

Late fifteenth century.
18-14g mild steel
In a private collection.
Several pieces were sold off of this suit but were later replaced with ones that better match the original.
Sold for aproximately $8,000

14th century Italian vambraces
14th century Italian style vambraces.

The brass trim on these arms was etched with Latin proverbs. Made from 16 and 18g mild steel and brass.
16 - 18g mild steel.
$880 + s/h

14th century style Sugarloaf Helmet
Sugarloaf Helm.

13th - 14th century
14 gauge mild steel.


Italian Cabasset and Gorget
Italian Cabasset and Gorget.

Late 16th - early 17th century.
Mild steel and brass.
Size small

Maximilian Gorget
Maximilian Style Gorget.

With articulated shoulder plates. circa 1520
18g mild steel

Italian Legs
1460 Italian cuisses.

18-14g mild steel
Sized for someone 6' or taller and 190 to 220 lbs. Unstrapped except for the upper arming tabs. Straps and buckles were extra.
$1145 + s/h

Milanese Armet
Late 15th century Italian style armet.

18 mild steel
Size large.
Price includes wrapper.

Pig faced Bascinet
Pigface Bascinet.

North Italian, c1380
Made from 14g mild steel.
Size Med/Large.
$735 + sh

15th cent Italian legs
Mid 15th century style Milanese Legs.

Made from 18g mild steel except for the knees which are of 16g.
Size medium. Best fit for someone 5'-8" to 5'-11" weighing 160 to 185lbs
Unstrapped except for the leather arming tabs.
$730 + sh

German Gothic Sallet and Bevor
German Gothic Sallet and Bevor.

Late 15th century style.
14-18g mild steel.
Size medium.
$925 + sh

Italian Bellows Visor Sallet
Early 16th cent Italian, Bellows Visor Sallet.

Late 15th century style.
14-16 gauge mild steel.
Includes attached leather chin strap but is unlined.
$625 + sh

English Great Helm
English Great helm.

Fourteenth century style.
14g blued mild steel.
$450 + sh

Stainless steel Gorget
17th century style Gorget.

Made from 18g stainless steel with brass rivets.
$450 + sh

Sallet close helm
German Sallet/Closehelm.

14-18g mild steel
$1,375 USD

Milanese pauldrons
Milanese pauldrons.

circa 1445.
18,16 and 14g mild steel.
$680 USD

Munition grade greaves
Munition grade 3/4 wrap greaves.

Made from 16g mild steel.
$260 USD

Late 14th century stainless leg armour with etched brass.
14th century style cuisses.

18-14g Stainless steel and etched brass.
The design was extrapolated from a number of 14th century armours.but some liberties have been taken in order to best serve the customers purposes.
$1,600 USD

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